What counts as a ‘powder day’ this season at Vail

Who knew, there are 5 states in the US with active volcanoes. California, Hawaaii, Alaska, Oregon and Washington. That was one of the trivia questions on Chair 11’s board this morning – the Man guessed Alaska and Hawaaii and I googled the rest. Interesting.

Quite a productive day off so far – got up early to catch first chair and get out into the back bowls. Though it snowed all night long, it was so crazy windy that even the 6 inches of new snow Vail reported weren’t truly there. M found some good pockets though, we went east into Mongolia Bowl where the wind had built up some really nice snow. It felt awesome to surf on top with my skis, got some wonderful lines in!

M making first turns in Mongolia Bowl

We timed it really nicely, got out before most of the crowds, skiied a bit and then got out before the little snow there was got skiied off. They were bombing for avalanches in Blue Sky Basin all morning, quite loud and scary! It still wasn’t open for skiing at 11am, so must be pretty windloaded out there. We skiied out usual way through the trees from the Blue Sky catwalk to Chair 5 – nice soft snow and I even practised my hop turns on the steep stretch at the end 😉

On a photo break out near Blue Sky Basin – Some tight knit tree skiing


M headed down to work and I went home, skyped R about gossip and books as per usual. M says we are nerds because we just discuss what we are reading, should be reading or have read all the time, pffft. Done with cleaning the apartment and laundry now, time for the grocery store! Moving, moving, moving…


Rise and shine

Another sunny day, still waiting for the snow! It’s almost 9pm and we have been on winter storm warning since noon today. Hmmm.

M and I hiked up to Chair 11 before work today, since he was in at 9am. Gorgeous sunrise over the Gore Range as we were skinning up Golden Peak.

Early mornings spent skinning

Ready, steady, GO

Didn’t make too bad of a time, 1 hour 45minutes exactly. I was feeling a little lacklustre, until we got to the flatter catwalk halfway up Tourist Trap. Then, as M likes to say, I put the afterburners on, haha and beat him up, just.

We had a casual cruise down in our new Pret Helmets.

Stylish new headgear from Pret Helmets

I was only in at noon so got to take a leisure sauna at the Vail Mountain Club with my free monthly pass, woohoo. Would have been greater if the sauna had actually been heated and wasn’t a mere 40 degrees Celsius. But still felt good to clear out those pores.

Making a delicious stirfry for dinner now – steak in a teriyaki ginger sauce with crisoy veggies and noodles, mmm.


Running by snowlight

Gorgeous evening run on my East Vail loop after work today. Sun had already set and twilight alpenglow was gorgeous. Just what I needed after a crappy day at work with lazy co-workers.

Watching the Academy Awards right now, my favorite character from The Help just won best supporting actress, the one who plays the hilarious maid Minnie.

Just waiting for the pizza dough I mixed up to rise and then going to make dinner – sundried tomatoes, olives and chicken. Yummy