An un-triumphant return

It has been en extended sabbatical since I last sent my thoughts off into the wild, dark web. I still reside in Vail and still devour books on a weekly basis. Right now I am reading the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. Sappy – yes. Addictive – most definitely. Escapism to the nth degree.

My vision for thibookss blog has changed somewhat. Though I still enjoy hiking in this beautiful place I call home, I have started trail running and my competitive streak certainly aims to win. Being outside in general, whether on my two feet, skis, mountain bike or watching the Man fly fish on the river; soothes my soul. Reading that last phrase strikes me with the fear that I may be morphing into a yoga-mat toting “free spirit” a la a Boulderite. Check out some of these Boulder Truths –

 Kidding aside, I wish this blog to reflect all my passions, outdoors certainly but also my baking addiction, book obsession and travel dreams.

M and I are closing on our first house next month and we hope to add a puppy to the mix next spring. Life feels full of possibility and opportunity right now – here’s to a summer of adventuring, sun-struck wine drinking and recording it all for posterity of course. Because if there’s no proof… it could not possibly have happened, right??



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