Travels to Telluride

This past weekend M was invited to work in Telluride at a ski sale and I was lucky enough to tag along. What a breath-taking little mountain town. I absolutely loved it and as tends to happen when we visit somewhere new, we were already discussing how to move there permanently!

Alpenglow in Telluride, CO

Alpenglow in Telluride, CO

We arrived after about 5 hours of driving from Vail, mainly through pouring rain – at least our bikes on the back got a nice wash! We checked into our hotel, Camels Garden, which had the best location right in the heart of Telluride and steps from the (free!) gondola to Mountain Village. We never used the car once during our stay and were able to walk all over town easily.

First night’s dinner was pulled pork and smoked brisket sandwiches at Oak, practically in our hotel lobby. Basically a bar with excellent food, I can see it being hugely popular for apres in the winter. The next morning we slept in, such a treat, and then walked around the main streets of town, checking out all the gear stores and little quaint shops. Despite the high end hotels and homes we saw, mostly over on Mountain Village’s side, Telluride seems to retain an out-of-the-way mountain town feel which we really enjoyed. Vail seems quite the sprawling metropolis in comparison!

Ridge Trail from Mountain Village

Ridge Trail from Mountain Village

I enjoyed some hiking in sporadic bursts of sunshine while M put some hours in at the sale. I was itching to try the bike trails on my mountain bike, especially with the free bike haul on the gondola, but was wary of the looming clouds. Before I knew it, it was time for a late lunch at The Butcher and the Baker where I had a steak&mushroom pie with an heirloom tomato salad with mozzarella. As heftily priced as heirlooms are, they do taste like a burst of summer!

By then the clouds had really gathered and it rained steadily for the rest of the afternoon – no thunder or lightning though which was most unlike the mountain rainstorms I have gotten used to. I lazed in our hotel hot tub and felt like a true princess in my plush white robe…

Mojitos at Honga's

Mojitos at Honga’s

We did happy hour at Honga’s where they were doing a $12 special for a mojito and a sushi roll. The roll of the night was spicy so not my favorite but the mojitos were delicious, despite M almost choking to death when his went down the wrong way!  We shivered in the evening rain to Siam, a Thai restaurant, for our main course.

All in all the weather left much to be desired and could have been warmer, since we were in August and all. On Sunday we rode the gondola to Mountain Village for the last time, I took a quick hike up Bear Creek Trail and then it was time to start the drive home. I kind of wished I had biked the day before, but now we will just have to come back to Telluride. The slopes and ski maps looked amazingly steep so we are definitely going to try to go ski there if we can swing a trip somehow. Unfortunately, I doubt we can make it work as regular visitors since the resort gets quite pricey!

The main street in Telluride, 'table cloth' reminds me of home!

The main street in Telluride, ‘table cloth’ reminds me of home!



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