Please don’t make me feel inadequate

Browsing the internet as we are wont to do (was there ever a more effective time suck?), I came across this comic What if Money was No Object?. At first glance, I am inspired to quit my job and go live in the country… as I am inspired every time I read one of these articles, quotes, blog posts, comments etc that flood my Facebook newsfeed on a constant basis.

I can’t help but feel that the incessant reminder that I am not necessarily living my dream or what I am ‘born’ to do, is not so much a positive call to action as a negative ‘Debbie downer’ if you will. Can you imagine if we all went into life with this mindset – I will do only what I love and who cares about money or living or surviving or helping my aged parents or luxury travel or, or or..?

If all humanity lived this way, I doubt we would have enough podiatrists, tax accountants, lawyers, post office workers, housekeepers or bikini waxers. It is doubtful that every highly compensated professional loves their job with a passion – they do not go home and practise filing tax returns for fun. In the same vein, more unattractive professions are often filled by those on their way to something better, or those willing to be paid to do what others do not want to do. It is called an economy after all.

I do envy the entrepreneurs and prodigies who take their dreams and passions and turn them into careers. This rant is by no means belittling those aspiring to do the same. I agree that it is healthier to love or at least enjoy your job since you spend the majority of your awake hours with it. What I do want to express is that reading about how we can ALL do this and how only our fear is holding us back does bring out the cynical shrew in me – is it not a touch selfish to tell everyone else how they are living their lives wrong, now that you own has tracked right? It also gives the younger generation (myself included) a false expectation of life. Surely if you want your dream enough, you can feed your taste for imported cheese with your fingerpainting skills? If you can’t – well then you just didn’t dream big enough, did you…

I am the first one to dream of living on my horse ranch, baking pies and pastries, and effortlessly churning out bestseller novels that pay for my lifestyle. If my visualizing powers are as potent as I believe, this will come to fruition sooner rather than later. In the meantime, being made to feel guilty for not throwing myself free of the so-called shackles of money and its pursuit is not how I wish to be motivated!


To each their own

To each their own