Roast Garlic for Dummies

I read about this tactic recently and couldn’t wait to try it out. I can’t believe I never knew how easy and quick it was to create a roasted head (or even a few cloves if that’s all you have!) of garlic, fragrant with olive oil goodness. Online postings about this are legion, but the one I emulated was here.

garlic (1 head, or more, or less)

salt and black pepper

olive oil

-cut the top off the head/s of garlic to expose the cloves

-place the garlic in a glass bowl or dish, with 1 tsp of olive oil for every head of garlic

-sprinkle with salt and pepper

-cover with a plate and microwave for 3 minutes

-continue to microwave in 1 minute intervals until the garlic is tender and cloves easily pop out of their skin

I chopped up the fruits of my labors into some silky smooth mashed potatoes for extra flavor. Any pasta dish, sandwich or vegetable dish will pop with this little addition!

Easiest roast garlic

Easiest roast garlic


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