Eaglesmere Lake Beauty

Wanting to get out of Vail’s busy hiking terrain, we picked a hike out in Summit County which started out off a dirt road in the Green Mountain Reservoir area. Despite the lengthy drive, the day was well worth it and we saw some beautiful fall vistas. Definitely worth a look, if there are any leaves left after the windy day we experienced.

Aspen leaves aflurry

Aspen leaves aflurry

We ran into a couple of backpackers coming down from the lake – I was impressed at them sleeping out at this time of year, I am too much of a wuss with how cold it has been getting. The trail is quite steep at parts, which probably kept away the crowds since we only saw a few other small groups. The downhills can be hard on sore knees, ours were hurting after this season of races.

Fall colors popping

Fall colors popping

Pictures just don’t translate how stunning the views are when most of the valley is ablaze with yellows. If fall wasn’t the precursor to winter, I might even love it, but as it stands I would just say I like it. A lot. It took us an hour and a half to reach the lake without any stops. The wind was really picking up and thunderclouds were looming so we scoffed our pastry snacks and headed back down. A pity because we had the lake all to ourselves and it would have been nice to sunbathe on the ample rocks around it. If the sun would have stayed out for more than a minute’s span that is.

Cloudy day at Eaglesmere

Cloudy day at Eaglesmere

We were glad we left when we did as we got some cold rain lashes on the way down and just as we reached the car, it really starting pouring down. Nothing like putting up your sweaty feet at lunch while the rain buckets down, knowing your fresh air intake has been satisfied!




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