Please don’t make me feel inadequate

Browsing the internet as we are wont to do (was there ever a more effective time suck?), I came across this comic What if Money was No Object?. At first glance, I am inspired to quit my job and go live in the country… as I am inspired every time I read one of these articles, quotes, blog posts, comments etc that flood my Facebook newsfeed on a constant basis.

I can’t help but feel that the incessant reminder that I am not necessarily living my dream or what I am ‘born’ to do, is not so much a positive call to action as a negative ‘Debbie downer’ if you will. Can you imagine if we all went into life with this mindset – I will do only what I love and who cares about money or living or surviving or helping my aged parents or luxury travel or, or or..?

If all humanity lived this way, I doubt we would have enough podiatrists, tax accountants, lawyers, post office workers, housekeepers or bikini waxers. It is doubtful that every highly compensated professional loves their job with a passion – they do not go home and practise filing tax returns for fun. In the same vein, more unattractive professions are often filled by those on their way to something better, or those willing to be paid to do what others do not want to do. It is called an economy after all.

I do envy the entrepreneurs and prodigies who take their dreams and passions and turn them into careers. This rant is by no means belittling those aspiring to do the same. I agree that it is healthier to love or at least enjoy your job since you spend the majority of your awake hours with it. What I do want to express is that reading about how we can ALL do this and how only our fear is holding us back does bring out the cynical shrew in me – is it not a touch selfish to tell everyone else how they are living their lives wrong, now that you own has tracked right? It also gives the younger generation (myself included) a false expectation of life. Surely if you want your dream enough, you can feed your taste for imported cheese with your fingerpainting skills? If you can’t – well then you just didn’t dream big enough, did you…

I am the first one to dream of living on my horse ranch, baking pies and pastries, and effortlessly churning out bestseller novels that pay for my lifestyle. If my visualizing powers are as potent as I believe, this will come to fruition sooner rather than later. In the meantime, being made to feel guilty for not throwing myself free of the so-called shackles of money and its pursuit is not how I wish to be motivated!


To each their own

To each their own


Live your own design

The move in is as complete as we could hope for it to be – all rooms of our new house are habitable and cardboard boxes sprouting their contents to inquisitive eyes have been minimized. Not that there are that many inquisitive eyes, mostly it is my own sanity I am saving by pursuing neatness.

It is amazing how moving makes you realize the sheer amount of unnecessary junk we accumulate as human beings, intent on building our “nests”. M & I have only been living together for 3 years, yet the junk we have boggles my mind. I am on a quest to banish the fear of saving objects for a rainy day or the ever-distant ‘future’ – if I have doubts about your usefulness, off to the thrifty store you go!

Seeing our parents’ houses and how cluttered and mismatchy they are, as a result of years of life and by no means meant as a criticism; I want us to live differently. I dream of travel and experiences, less of material possessions. That said, there are advantages to creature comforts and homey spaces… hence I want to aspire for fewer, yet higher quality purchases. Let’s see how long that mentality lasts on me, shall we?

I recently read an article which sums up an attitude that I really want to maintain in my life, that of living to my best potential, designed in my own way. Not following the path that is drummed into us by society as the one we need to be following – college, career, house, family, etc etc…

The link above leads to an article by David Cain on FilmsForAction, putting in words the feeling many of us (at least I hope it’s not just me!) have of just getting by, no matter how much we earn and spend and acquire – there is always another rung on the ladder, another mold we want to try fill.

Here’s to being aware of the shackles that the “norm” can bring – let’s be inspired to design our own destinies!


Moving on up

So we survived moving day on Monday, just. What a brutal time that was. Of course the day we have to move, it is the hottest day of the year so far. Even with some help from friends and the U-Haul trailer we rented, there were way too many trips up and down the stairs for my liking. The sweltering heat did not help. But we succeeded – now we wait until we close on our house and move out of storage and into our new home. The plan is no further moving for a while!

When we thought back, this is the third time we have moved, once a year like clockwork in search of a better place to live in the valley. Well third time lucky – now we are exactly where we want to be for trail and mountain access.

Last night I took a beautiful run from North Trail down to Buffehr Creek. Loving the late sunsets of summertime. Tomorrow the Vail Running Club (meets at on Thursday at 5.30pm) is pre running the Vail Hill Climb course, part of the Vail Rec District’s Summer Trail Running Series. See the calendar here –

The last race I ran in the series; I won my age group and scored a voucher to purchase some La Sportiva shoes. They arrived yesterday and of course I had to immediately dust them up on the trails. So far I love them – they are light and springy yet have good grip on the soles for rocky terrain.

La Sportiva Women's Bushido

La Sportiva Women’s Bushido


Week-end Thoughts

Moving weekend is looming, how wonderful. TGIF does not have quite the same ring this week for me, more like “Oh Dreadful, it’s Friday.” I stuffed another two boxes before work this morning but the remainder still daunts me.

With the Independence Day celebration of next weekend approaching, I am debating hosting a party at M’s parents’ house where we will be staying while they travel to Europe. An outside barbeque with perhaps a fruit filled dessert served with whipped cream sounds heavenly to me. But inviting and hosting guests leaves my introvert self in a tremble. Thinking…

I did see this wonderful advert today, poking fun at the Americans for their holiday, while also mocking the British. I just love how it alludes to some norms of this country that I always rail to M about – outrageously priced healthcare, outspokenness and silly sports jargon.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure –

On a more philosophical branch, I like to think that the pursuit of experiences over that of material goods is more worthy and admirable. Truth be told, my daydreams tend to center on travel experiences; surrounded by a plethora of material goods that my daydream self can afford to buy herself.

But this ambitious forecast of life in 2030 and how brands will have changed their offerings and people’s appreciation of those offerings did strike a cord. Who knows, this could be the first trigger for my grand business idea that births an empire. That makes me rich. To buy all the material things I could want – of course.

Read it here –

An un-triumphant return

It has been en extended sabbatical since I last sent my thoughts off into the wild, dark web. I still reside in Vail and still devour books on a weekly basis. Right now I am reading the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. Sappy – yes. Addictive – most definitely. Escapism to the nth degree.

My vision for thibookss blog has changed somewhat. Though I still enjoy hiking in this beautiful place I call home, I have started trail running and my competitive streak certainly aims to win. Being outside in general, whether on my two feet, skis, mountain bike or watching the Man fly fish on the river; soothes my soul. Reading that last phrase strikes me with the fear that I may be morphing into a yoga-mat toting “free spirit” a la a Boulderite. Check out some of these Boulder Truths –

 Kidding aside, I wish this blog to reflect all my passions, outdoors certainly but also my baking addiction, book obsession and travel dreams.

M and I are closing on our first house next month and we hope to add a puppy to the mix next spring. Life feels full of possibility and opportunity right now – here’s to a summer of adventuring, sun-struck wine drinking and recording it all for posterity of course. Because if there’s no proof… it could not possibly have happened, right??